03/10/17 - M|Zone Pro

October 03, 2017 My Mobility Zone

M Zone Pro
03-OCT-17 - 17 minutes
Thoracic and Shoulder overhead stretch - 5mins [watch video]
  • Lay on foam roller and reach overhead and grab an olympic bar
  • Slowly drop your hips until they are on the floor
  • Roll up and down to increase and decrease stretch sensation

Anterior shoulder capsule stretch - 3mins each arm [watch video]

  • In a prone position use your bodyweight to press down on the massage ball
  • Position the ball at the point where your pectoral joins your shoulder
  • Roll around on this point to find any sticky points, hold over these points until you feel a change

Posterior shoulder capsule stretch - 3mins each arm [watch video]

  • In a supine position, position the massage ball on the back of your shoulder
  • Roll around to find any sore/sticky points, hold over this until you feel change
  • Internally and externally rotate your arm to tack down your shoulder

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