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October 11, 2017 My Mobility Zone

11 OCT 2017 
Today we are testing our external and internal rotation. Take a photo to see your progress.
Test - External Rotation
  • Hold pipe in pressing width
  • With pipe in front of your hips raise your arms straight out and overhead 
  • The test will be how far overhead you can get the pipe

Test - Internal Rotation

  • Repeat test with pipe behind you
Banded front rack mob (3 mins)
(Click here to view video)
  • Place a mini band around your elbows
  • Hold PVC pipe or broom handle and walk hand out
  • Elbows on box or bench
  • Sink back onto heels

Thoracic foam roller (3 mins)

  • On a foam roller cross arms across your body
  • With the foam roller in line with your shoulder blades raise your arms as high as possible
  • Keep hips on the floor
  • To further press into this mobilisation place a 10kg weight on your chest and perform the same movement

Internal rotation mob (3 mins)

  • With a pipe behind your hips use an object/bench to raise the pipe up higher than you can actively move them
  • Hold the end range of the stretch for at least 3 mins

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