Mobility Exercises

Wrist and Front Rack Mobility

August 08, 2017 My Mobility Zone

The amount of time spent in the front rack position or performing movements with your wrist in the extended position is extensive if you regularly go to the gym or lift object in your working day. With this in mind we need to spend some time mobilising and taking care of our wrist. Follow the quick video below to help increase mobility and to start helping your front rack position.  

Smash and Floss for your foot

August 01, 2017 My Mobility Zone

We often spend lots of time stretching the muscles we use every day at the gym. How much time to get spend on our feet? Check out the video below for a quick 10min mobility session for your feet.

Deadlift Activation

February 18, 2016 My Resistance Bands

If you are looking to activate your glutes and your hamstrings in preparation for your deadlift one way to do this is through banded good mornings. Performing banded good mornings will help to switch on your posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes and adductors), lumbar and thoracic spine. All of these elements are needed in the deadlift. 1) Place the band under your feet (feet should be in your squatting stance, just outside shoulder width). 2) Loop the band up and around the back of your neck. 3) Standing with soft knees (slightly bent), hinge at the hip until you start to...