Why mobilise?

September 28, 2017 My Mobility Zone

Why should we ALL include flexibility, mobility and self-massage as part of our daily training routine. In this blog post we will outline and discuss some of the reasons why everyone, and I mean everyone should be mobilising and stretching on a daily basis.   You might wonder why I have used the term mobilising and stretching separately, aren’t they the same thing? The answer is no, stretching is probably what you are accustomed to pre and post training (or should be), every time you work out. There is so much more to flexibility than stretching a muscle. Your joint...

Top 5 Mobility Tools for Athletes

August 09, 2017 My Mobility Zone

This is a post from CrossFit Invictus in San Diego, California. They are one of the leading CrossFit boxes in the United States. Give this a read, definitely worthwhile.   Our Top 5 Must-Have Mobility ToolsWritten by Calvin Sun For many people, mobility is a bit like rowing upstream. It takes a focused and consistent effort in order to make any progress towards achieving superior suppleness. Minimal effort will only maintain your current level of mobility and flexibility at best. And putting in no effort allows you to be swept away by the current into postmortem levels of rigidity. We...

Big things to come

July 11, 2017 My Resistance Bands

Big things to come

Here at MRB HQ we have been working behind the scenes to improve our services and the products we offer. With this this in mind we are branching out to new ventures and including more lines to make you guys ninjas on the mobility front.    As a result of this we are going through a rebrand that will help promote our new vision.   To keep up to date follow us by subscribing through our the website or following us on Facebook and Instagram.    

My Resistance Bands

January 30, 2016 My Resistance Bands

My Resistance Bands

This blog is where we will post and publish resistance, assistance and mobility exercises for you to try out. Between us here at My Resistance Bands we have over 15 years of experience within the fitness industry and we wish to share that with you, out valued customer. We feel that in order to live a better life you need to move better, sometimes life gets in the way. Using resistance bands is your answer. A resistance band is your dumbell, it is your spotter and it is also your stretching partner. Getting to know what you can do with...