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Standing single arm rows

These are great for core, back and arms. Using the band in this exercise is more effective than either free weights or cable. The band not only provides consistent resistance throughout the movement but also increased resistance due to its elastic properties. Increasing the tension the further into the pull you get.   Loop a band around a mid anchor Holding onto the loose end stand with feet in a solid braced position (usually feet will be squatting distance apart) With a slight bend in the knee and core fully engaged pull the band until your wrist is inline with your midsection To increase the tension and difficulty of the workout take a step away from the anchor point.  ...

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Straight leg kickbacks

This exercise is perfect for isolating your glutes. With the band around a low anchor point place your foot inside the loop Holding on to the anchor point and with a locked down core tense your glute and kick your leg back Aim to keep your core engaged throughout this movement in order to avoid hyperextension in the midsection   Glute development. These isolated kickbacks are great both in the gym and at home. A video posted by @myresistancebands on Oct 24, 2014 at 2:20pm PDT

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