Resistance Bands

Black 'Mini' Band

Black 'Mini' Band

Our Black 'Mini' bands are great for pre activation. Due to a smaller diameter they can help with warm ups and activating the glutes in preparation to squat. The 'Mini' bands are great for the serious lifter to help prepare the required muscles for the squat, deadlift or any posterior chain based exercise. Take a look at our exercise page to see even more uses of this band.

  • Size: 19.69" x 1.97"x 0.049"
  • Colour: Black

Suggested Use and Safety Tips

  • Our Bands are made of 100% latex. Do not use these bands if you have any allergies to latex.
  • Before using the bands always check for nicks, tears or any damage. If there is any damage do not use the bands.
  • Do not stretch the bands more than double there length.
  • Always seek advice from a qualified fitness professional when using these bands.
  • Do not use the bands of you are unsure of any exercise.
  • Over time like any band, the bands can become worn. If so do not use the bands.
  • Do not use the red bands for plyometric workouts, or sprints. They are aimed for lighter assistance, mobility and core workouts. Ideally use the green bands for these powerful exercises.

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