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Full Resistance Pack (Pair)

Full Resistance Pack (Pair)

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2 x Red Resistance Band

2 x Purple Resistance Band

2 x Green Resistance Band

Purchasing the mixed resistance bands enable you to perform all exercises. Plus combining the bands to give a large variety of resistances.With a set of each bands you can progress further with your training to either add more resistance or to give less assistance. To take full advantage of our bands take a look at our exercise page to see their versatility.


Red Bands

Purple Bands

Green Bands

Size: 41" x 0.25" x 0.5"
Colour: Red 
Resistance: 5 lb -35 lb
Size: 41" x 0.2" x 1.1"  
 Colour: Purple 
Resistance: 25 lb - 80lb
Size: 41" x 0.2"x 1.75"
Colour: Green
Resistance: 50-120lbs

Suggested Use and Safety Tips

  • Our Bands are made of 100% latex. Do not use these bands if you have any allergies to latex.
  • Before using the bands always check for nicks, tears or any damage. If there is any damage do not use the bands.
  • Do not stretch the bands more than double there length.
  • Always seek advice from a qualified fitness professional when using these bands.
  • Do not use the bands of you are unsure of any exercise.
  • Over time like any band, the bands can become worn. If so do not use the bands.
  • Do not use the red bands for plyometric workouts, or sprints. They are aimed for lighter assistance, mobility and core workouts. Ideally use the green bands for these powerful exercises.